Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome to my new blog!

I have been diving since the late 80's and have been a designer even longer than that. Last year I bought my first underwater digital camera housing and started to play around with underwater photography. Not really knowing what I was doing, my first shots were lets say, less than perfect! As I took more pictures, my compositions got better (the fish still weren't stopping to pose for me but I stopped chasing them too). I started concentrating on the corals (they don't move) and found so many different and unusual patterns under the water to photograph. Back on the surface, I put them up on my computer and started playing around with the images in Photoshop. I combined several images together into one to make some pretty cool abstractions. Then by adding filters I was able to create images that look more "fine art" than realistic photography.

I started to get excited about what I was creating and couldn't wait to get back into the water to start adding more subject matter for my art. I bought an Epson Archival printer in the hopes that I could start to sell my artwork as prints suitable for framing. You can check out the available prints at: Underwater Fine Art or click the link on my sidebar. I also started to put these images on t-shirts and other great gift items that might appeal to other divers. You can see my available tee, sweats & other unique gifts at my shop Wear My Dive Art or by clicking the link on the sidebar.

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